Welcome to EC3 Online!

View of the neighborhood

View of the neighborhood

Welcome to EC3 Online. We are glad you have joined us!

Poke around. Read what others have posted. Feel free to add your own comment to someone else’s post or to start your own.

Click on the little tab at the left to reveal the navigation menu. There you’ll find links to the Posts page and other pages.

We are learning this together – feel free to ask Clark or Craig questions.


– Clark


One thought on “Welcome to EC3 Online!

  1. Michael’s teaching this last Sunday (Oct 19) makes me ponder, yet again, the difficult intersection where political belief crosses over Christian teaching. Around our table in EC we could easily discern that not everyone was ready to take the same direction about “resident aliens” in his/her political thinking as me. Were we seeing, in small scale anyway, the genius of these great spiritual stories in our tradition with their amazing ability to resist a uniform, pre-determined outcome when they get overlaid on the life deliberations within an individual seeker? Perhaps the power of these texts – now many centuries since they were created – is derived from the energy they make available to propel us in such different directions one person reading them to another? Craig Pratt


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